Bacon’s College Wedding South London [sneak peek]

A sneak peek from a recent wedding at Bacon’s College in South London.

The bride and groom made time to spend some  time getting photos of just them, which is what I advise all my brides and grooms to make room for on their big day if possible. The day flies by so fast, usually the bride and groom don’t get to spend anytime alone. Plus this alone time makes for some great pics!

More coming soon!

bacon-college-wedding-sneak-peek Bacon's College Wedding South London [sneak peek]bacon-college-wedding-sneak-peek-2 Bacon's College Wedding South London [sneak peek]bacon-college-wedding-sneak-peek-3 Bacon's College Wedding South London [sneak peek]bacon-college-wedding-sneak-peek-4 Bacon's College Wedding South London [sneak peek]

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